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If you purchase a made-to-order product and a regular product together, the regular product will be shipped along with the made-to-order product. 

If you wish to receive the regular product earlier, please make separate payments for the made-to-order product and the regular product.

彩めきの器 特設ページをご覧ください!


Premium Salon 会員(有料・無料会員の国内在住者)の方は

会員特典 2,000円OFF(サロンページにクーポンコード記載しています)








⌘  風味と景色に赴いた 香り彩る珈茶碗(こうちゃわん) ⌘


陶芸家 樽田裕史 氏 × サイフォニストチャンピオン 中山吉伸のコラボによって作られた THE SYPHONIST オリジナルの器。






作 家:樽田裕史 氏(陶芸家)

​拠 点:愛知県瀬戸市

材 質:磁器

技 法:蛍手(ほたるで)


重 量:​約170g

容 量:約300ml(満水時)

箱 入:桐箱付きの器です。

※ 手作業で作られているため個体によって風合いが異なります。

​※ 手作業のためサイズや重量、容量も前後いたします。

​※ ゆらぎ模様もすべて異なります。

※ 納品後最初に一度だけ、ぬるま湯を3分の2注ぎ、そこへ少しずつ熱湯を3分の1注いで器を熱による伸縮に慣らしてください。

※ 器は、製造されたロットによって(その季節や窯の火入れ状況により)釉薬の流れ方が変わり、色合いや凹凸感が変わります。唯一無二の作品ですので予めご了承くださいませ。



在庫なし(Sold out or Getting Ready)
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    ⌘ Ayameki Coffee & Tea Bowl (彩めきの器) 

    Introducing the original Ayameki Coffee & Tea Bowl, a collaboration between Japanese potter Hiroshi Taruta and Japan Siphonist Champion Yoshinobu Nakayama. This exquisite bowl showcases the combined expertise of both craftsmen.

    For more information, please visit the special page provided in the first line.


    • Artist:Hiroshi Taruta (Potter)
    • Location:Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
    • Material:Porcelain
    • Technique:Hotarude
    • Size:Approximately aprx 100 mm in diameter, aprx 70 mm in height
    • Weight:Approximately aprx 170 g
    • Capacity:Approximately aprx 300 ml (when filled)
    • Box:Each bowl is accompanied by a paulownia wood box.



    • Order Acceptance Period: December25-31, 2023
    • Shipping Schedule: From January 10, 2024


    Please note the following details about this handmade product:

    • Slight variations in size and weight may occur due to its handmade nature.
    • The handcrafting process contributes to variations in size, weight, and capacity.
    • The shimmering pattern on each bowl is unique.
    • To ensure the longevity of the bowl, we recommend gradually pouring two-thirds of warm water followed by one-third of boiling water. This allows the bowl to acclimate to the expansion and contraction caused by heat.
    • The glaze may flow differently depending on the batch, including factors such as season and kiln firing conditions.
    • Consequently, variations in color and texture of the glaze should be expected.We kindly ask for your understanding that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, and we appreciate the natural variations that arise.
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