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If you purchase a made-to-order product and a regular product together, the regular product will be shipped along with the made-to-order product. 

If you wish to receive the regular product earlier, please make separate payments for the made-to-order product and the regular product.










〔 背景 〕




[ 特徴 ]










・シリーズを象徴する銀杏模様のみが彫られており、THE SYPHONIST などブランド名を入れていません。そのため、他社ブランド名が目につきませんので、お店やビジネスの場でも使いやすいと思います。




・重 量:平均約15g前後

・全 長:約250mm




・材 質:竹

・塗 装:なし


[ 取扱上の注意事項 ]







[ その他 ]










    [Product Specifications and Notes]

    · Weight: Approx.15g on average

    · Total Length: Approx.250mm

    · Stirring End Width: Approx.25mm (stirring part)

    · Stirring End Length: Approx.70mm (length of effective stirring surface)

    · Maximum Width: Approx.35mm (gingko handle carving section)

    · Material: Bamboo

    · Coating: None


    [Handling Precautions]

    · After use, rinse the Bamboo stirrer with water and allow it to dry naturally.  

    · Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place. 

    · Over time, the parts that come in contact with coffee and the areas that are held by the fingers will change color due to regular use.

    · Handle the Bamboo stirrer with care to prevent breakage, especially when applying excessive pressure.

    · Use it only for stirring and avoid using it for other tasks.


    [Additional Information]

    · Each tool is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece.

    · Wood grain patterns and colors may vary from the photos, making each piece unique.

    · You cannot choose specific grain patterns or colors (products are assigned and shipped based on the order received, please understand).

    · Returns or cancellations due to differences from the pictures will not be accepted in case of damage in transit, we cannot provide replacement. We will either offer a refund or exchange it for the next model (please be aware of the possible release date and specification changes for the next model).


    Due to manufacturing constraints or circumstances beyond our control, there may be delays in delivery, please understand in advance.


    [These are guaranteed to sell out!]

    A bamboo stirrer that has been popular in the siphon world for many years! Made from Japanese bamboo, it is a rare collaboration between a bamboo craftsman and a Nakayama siphonist.


    [Production Background]

    Many siphonists make their own stirrers. However, it is not easy for the general public to carve one. Stirrers are treasured companions for those who love siphon brewing, but high-priced ones can be hard to afford. To address this, a bamboo stirrer that reflects the expertise of professionals has been developed to satisfy both general users and professionals for their everyday brewing needs.


    [Product characteristics]                         

    The bamboo stirrer showcases the inherent texture of bamboo's outer skin.

    The handle and stirring end are connected with bamboo knots, resulting in a naturally curved stirring surface.                             

    The stirring end is weighted to facilitate precise stirring for less experienced users, making it easy to use. The surface is intentionally left uncoated or unpainted so it can take on a personal look as it is used. The colors will change and it will become uniquely yours. Feel free to design the details yourself as no coating is applied. The series is symbolized by the Ginkgo leaf motif, known for the flower language of "strong and lasting". Only the ginkgo leaf motif, which symbolizes the series, is engraved on the stirrer, without brand names such as "THE SYPHONIST". This makes it suitable for use in shops or business environments.

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