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If you purchase a made-to-order product and a regular product together, the regular product will be shipped along with the made-to-order product. 

If you wish to receive the regular product earlier, please make separate payments for the made-to-order product and the regular product.

◯ オリジナル加工ろか器【3個入】



2018年のサイフォン競技会「World Siphonist Championship」(世界大会)で中山サイフォニストが使用したろか器、その以降お問合せもいただきながら販売には至らず、2022年ようやく一般販売できるようになりました。











【 製品仕様・注意事項 】

「HARIO F-103MN」の加工品です。


〔 素材 〕



〔 適合機種 〕

「HARIO F-103MN」ろか器が使用可能なHARIO式サイフォンに準じます。


〔 注意事項 〕





在庫なし(Sold out or Getting Ready)
  • ​​Original Siphon Filter (3 pieces)


    This filter was used by Nakayama Siphonist at the 2018 World Siphonist Championship (World Championship).In 2022, we finally made the product available for general sale.


    The most appealing feature of this plate is its dual functionality, allowing it to be used with both paper and cloth (Nel) filters. Previously, you had to own separate filters for each type, but now, with the protrusions removed, this modified filter offers versatility.

    You can use it by simply placing paper filters between the plates or draping one cloth filter over them. This provides more options when brewing coffee, making it incredibly convenient and user-friendly. With this filter, you can enjoy the smooth, delightful taste of coffee brewed with cloth filters and the effortless convenience of paper filters, all in one item.



    ・・50 sheets of paper filters.


    [Product Specifications and Notes] 

    This is a modified version of "HARIO F-103MN."



    Stainless Steel (Made in Japan)


    [Applicable Models] This modification is designed to fit HARIO-style siphon that use the "HARIO F-103MN" filter.



    ・Please note that as this is a modified product, it is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

    ・During the modification process, some products may have slight scratches or abrasions, but rest assured that they do not impact the functionality.

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