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If you purchase a made-to-order product and a regular product together, the regular product will be shipped along with the made-to-order product. 

If you wish to receive the regular product earlier, please make separate payments for the made-to-order product and the regular product.



Original Spatel Pro 1.5 "ゆらめき(Yurameki/Flicker)”






The original agitation spatels long-awaited by siphon lovers all over the world!

Complete model of the "Maple Series" supervised by Nakayama Siphonist Champion!



〔 受注タイプ/Order Type 〕



Made-to-order product



〔 販売/Sales Area 〕

日本国内 海外228カ国


Domestic Japan and 228 countries overseas



〔 背景/Product Description 〕

THE SYPHONIST 代表の中山吉伸(サイフォニストチャンピオン)監修で、日本の木工職人とともに作り上げるオリジナル仕様のサイフォン撹拌用スティック(箆)です。毎度発売開始と同時に数分で完売し続ける人気商品です。


This is a siphon stirring stick, supervised by Yoshinobu Nakayama, the champion of The Siphonist. It's a bespoke stick made in collaboration with Japanese woodworkers. This popular product always sells out within minutes of its release.


2015年発売以来、毎回モデルチェンジしながら不定期販売! 今回はこれまでの各モデルの特徴を整理し、ディテールを修正し、集大成モデルとして仕上げたデザインになります。プロの方から一般の方まで、幅広くお使いいただけます。


Since its launch in 2015, this siphon stirring stick has been released irregularly, with each iteration undergoing model changes. The latest version consolidates the features of previous models, with refined details, culminating in a design that serves as a masterpiece. It's suitable for a wide range of users, from the professionals to the general consumers.




It can also be used for extraction using an aeropress.




While previous versions emphasized the beauty of the wood grain, this version features a serene and calm texture characterized by the harmony of smooth wood and softly grained wood. The name "ゆらめき(Yurameki/ Flicker)" was