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If you purchase a made-to-order product and a regular product together, the regular product will be shipped along with the made-to-order product. 

If you wish to receive the regular product earlier, please make separate payments for the made-to-order product and the regular product.


Premium Salon 会員(有料・無料会員の国内在住者)の方は

会員特典 2,000円OFF(サロンページにクーポンコード記載しています)



" 自然に馴染む!どこにでも 誰の手にも "


THE SYPHONIST のオリジナルサイフォンツール!






〔 仕様 〕


|シリーズ:サイフォンテクニカ スタンド





※ 商品の構成は「シルバー脚+ウッドハンドル+スタンドゴム」となります。フラスコは付属しておりません。












Syphon Wood handle(TCA-2・3)

  • Syphon Wood handle(TCA-2・3)

    Fits comfortably in your hand


    This is THE SYPHONIST's unique siphon tool!

    The siphon stand is designed with a wooden handle, replacing the traditional grip of the coffee siphon.


    Crafted by skilled woodworkers in the nature-rich region of Gifu.


    [ Specifications ]

    • Stand Maker: HARIO
    • Series: Siphon Technica Stand
    • Model: TCA-2 (TCAR-2) / TCA-3 (TCAR-3)
    • Material: Walnut
    • Coating: Urethane


    * The product includes "Stand + Wood handle + Stand rubber." The flask is not included.

    [ Custom Order Schedule ]

    • Order Period: January 1, 2024, to January 31, 2024
    • Production Period: February 2024 (1 month)
    • Shipping schedule: Shipment will begin from March 2024 in sequential order.


    [ Notes ]

    Depending on the wood batch used during production, even products ordered within the same period may have different shades and colors of walnut ("darker to lighter").

    Please note that specific color shade requests cannot be accommodated as it will be subject to availability. We kindly ask for your understanding on this matter.

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